Depositing funds with Fxbmtrade  is quick and simple Step 1: Login and in the My Account click on Make Deposit tab.
Step 2: Fill in the relevant credit card details (for making a wire or using alternative payment methods contact your account manager)
Step 3: Click DEPOSIT and get trading!
Fxbmtrade does not charge any deposit fees, or any commissions or fees on trades Fxbmtrade offers you a variety of different means of funding your account. These include credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer e-Wallet and more

Please Note: The minimum deposit required to trade online with a FxBmTrade account is $/€250.
The minimum investment required to open a trade is $/€200.



FxBmTrade makes withdrawing your funds fast and trouble-free To make a withdrawal, simply log in, and in the My Account click on Withdrawal tab and fill in the amount that you wish to withdraw. Please note that once your withdrawal request is approved, it will be processed by us and sent to the same bank, credit card or other source for execution as soon as possible. (Note: Some banks and credit card companies may take time to process payments especially in currencies where a correspondent bank is involved in the transaction). The funds will be returned to the account from which the funds were debited.

If you have a Joint Account, payments from your Joint Account will require a withdrawal request form which must be completed by all required Account holders and which must be submitted to us.
FxBmTrade does not charge any withdrawal fees If you have any questions, or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.


Safety of Funds

Your personal information and financial security is of the utmost importance to us. We invest considerable resources to protect our customers’ privacy, and use the most advanced security procedures and encryption systems available worldwide.


Users access the system by entering a username and password. Your password is personal and must not be disclosed to others, not even to customer service personnel. Never save your username or password on or near a computer.


Choose a password that cannot be easily deciphered, preferably consisting of random characters and digits. Change your password
every three months. In the event that your password may have been revealed to others, please change it immediately.


At the end of any activity in the system, be sure to exit properly by clicking Logout.

Encrypted Communications

Either a closed lock or a complete key (depending upon which browser version is installed on your computer) should appear in your window when you execute transactions in your account. Double-clicking on this symbol will display the digital certificate issued by this site. Verify that the issuing organisation is Star Field Technology and that the certificate was issued to FxBmTrade.
Please take a look at our privacy policy and feel free to contact our service team if you have any questions or concerns.