Exclusive One-on-One Live Trading

Account holders of FxBmTrade TM will receive One-on-One Live Trading session with a professional CFDs broker, upon their request. FxBmTrade TM ’s brokers are the best in the business. The company hires experienced brokers, which have lead the company to become the leading brokerage in Europe. The reason that our company and our investors have had so much success is because of the level of expertise our brokers possess and project onto our traders. Each of our brokers bring with them their own skill set that they have developed and modelled over years of experience trading in financial markets. When you have a One-on-One session with a broker you have their full attention as they assist you with reaching your trading goals. Over time, as you work with your Account Manager to build your CFDs portfolio you will see how easy trading CFDs can be. A One-on-One session can be helpful for all types of CFDs traders, no matter how experienced you may be. For those who have no background in the business, a One-on-One session is a great opportunity to consult with a professional while going through the full process of making a CFDs trade. For experienced day traders who make multiple trades per day, speaking with a professional CFDs broker can be used an advantage when needing assistance or advice about the volatile trends in financial markets.

Contact your Account Manager to schedule a One-on-One Live Trading session.


Social Trading

One of our primary objectives besides providing quality tools for trading is transparency. Living in an era where Social networks are vital for success in the market, we can provide exactly that. Therefore we give our Traders and Investors the possibility to see live, traders worldwide executing trades on our platform. You will be able to see on your personal platform trader’s positions on the asset you are watching along with their time expiry and their payout. Of course we keep full discretion of personal details of all our traders accounts and only traders who have agreed to be seen on the platform will be shown and will be visible by initials and a number only.


Algorithmic Trading Software

We live in an era where the term “computer vs man” is not fiction but a reality. More and more trades than ever before are being done by computers and different types of software. We at FxBmTrade have taken this to our advantage, after years of

experience with a wide variety of trading tools from top-of-line third party companies specializing in algorithmic trading software, we have integrated to our trading platform some of the finest. These ‘Robots’ programmed with advanced computer software can
recognize Hundreds-of-thousands of trading patterns and more importantly using ‘machine learning’ algorithms these robots can learn and storage data for future use.
The Algorithmic Trading Software robot you choose to be linked to your account can be stopped at any time.
The Robots can be set to monitor and submit buying/selling orders on up to 10 different assets. This Technological feature allows clients to save time in front of the screens and not to be obligated to share profits with a Money Manager.
Contact your account manager for more information.